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SMART Air Handling Units


Basic features and advantages

SMART air handling unit brings many advantages for different groups of users:


  • Allways best air quality and comfortable indoor environment
    • Each room independetly controled
    • Quick reactions on changes in room ocupation
    • Runs automaticaly

Building operator

  • Low energy consumption
    • Each room independetly controled
    • Only necesary air volume
    • Energy saving EC fans


  • Low investment
    • No cable leading betwen dampers and control unit
    • One air handling unit for many independent areas
    • All necesary includs SMART unit


  • Installer friendly
    • No cable leading betwen dampers and control unit
    • Plug and play control system
    • Web server (for full control  via internet) includet




SMART units are designed for easy installation and usage in commercial buildings, shops, offices, fitness, café, restauranst, living houses…  SMART units bring fresh air in building which is filtrate and heat up. Polluted air is extract outside of building.


Typical installation

One room ventilation

 For one room ventilation with variable occupation (open space office, cloak room, fitness…) we recommend control air volume in dependence on CO2 level in room. CO2 level sensor is placed in room. SMART unit will run only in case that it is necessary and brings only air volume which i necesary. It means lower noise level, lower energy consumption and allways enough fresch air.


Example of ventilation calculation:

We need ventilate open space office with size 5,0x11,4m and ceiling high 2,8m. Ocupation is 10 person. Recomended air change for office is 4-6 times per hour  or 40m3/h/person:

Air volume in room: 5,0m x 11,4m x 2,8m = 159,6m3

Furniture space reduction: 159,6m3 x 0,8 = 127,7m3

Recomended air change based on room type: 127,7m3 x 5 = 638,4m3

Recomended air chnage based on ocupants: 10 person x 40m3/h = 400m3

Necesary air change per hour is 638,4m3. Based on this value we can use for vetiltion:

  • LWU-1000 suply air handling unit
  • LSU-1000 extract air handling unit
  • LC-CO24P CO2 sensor
  • 2pcs rectangular closing flap size 500x300mm
  • DA05S220 actuator with spring – for fresch air flap
  • DA04N220 actuator– for extract air flap
  • BV3-20-4 + BV-BR + DA04N24P + VA65/130 -components for water heater regulation
  • 3pcs supply anemostats
  • 3pcs extract anemostats
  • 2pcs rain louver
  • duct, fixing material…


Multi room ventilation

For multi room ventilation with variable occupation we recommend use closing flap controlled by light switch or potentiometer in each room. Light switch easily opens and closes air flap in intake duct system. With potentiometer can user control position of air flap and due to control fresch air volume.. Fresh air supply for each room will be controlled independently. Ocupant opens flaps by light switch (potentiometer). SMART regulation recognize pressure drop change in duct system because open flaps and increas performance to bring enough air in room. When ocupant leaves room closes flaps by light switch (potentiometer) . SMART regulation recognize pressure drop change in duct system and decreases air volume. Complicated regulation system and wiring is not necesary, for user is control of ventlation easy and logic. Instalation is quick.

Instead light switch can be used potentiometer and damper with proportional function to be able set position of flap stepless and allow to set lower or higher air supply in room.


Tip: Same system can be used in living house. You never need ventilate all rooms in one time. You can use small unit with clever air distribution and ventilate only ocupied rooms. In this case not only unit will be smaller but duct system too and instalation will be easier and cheaper. Living room and bed room ventilation can be controlled by CO2 level sensor. Ventilation performance will depend on room ocupation and ocupant activity (For example TV watching in two people or party will be recognized and ventilation performance set in dependance on it). SMART unit will allways keep fresch air in house  with minimal running cost. Kitchen ventilation can be activate by kitchen hood switch. When kitchen hood is switched on flap of air inlet in kitchen is opened (we recomend realized air exhaust from kitchen by kitchen hood only because dirty air). Ventilation of toilet and bath room can be start and stop by light switch together with light. For more efficient ventilation we recomend use time relay which arange flap closing with delay.


Quick selection




Detailed description

Dimensional Range

SMART units are manufactured in a range of 3 sizes according to the standard HVAC channels dimensions. The standard dimensional and performance range enables optimize all parameters for air flow up to 3 000 m3/h.


SMART unit body is using frame less 30mm thick sandwich construction with rockwool insulation and galvanized metal sheeds.


The unit size 1000 is equiped with a direct driven high efficient plug fan with external rotor motor. Motor is energy saving single-phase EC motor. Fan speed is controlled stepless by 0-10V signal.

The unit size 2000 and 3000 is equiped with a direct driven high efficient tube fan. Internal side of fan casing is aerodynamically shaped and equiped with blades for more efective air streaming throw fan. Motor is asynchronous - energy saving. Fan speed is controlled stepless by frequency inverter.

Water heater

Water heater is designed to heat up air with temperature below -30°C. Frost protection probe is doubled. One is placed on air exhaust side and second is placed in return water.

Electric heater

Electric heater is made from stainless steel (AISI 321) heating bars which are in accordance with international norm IEC 60335 and IEC 60038. Safety is kept by two cut off thermostat. Safety thermostat has automatic reset and emergency thermostat manual reset. Regulation of heater is stepless.


Cartridge plate filter class G4.

Electrical Equipment

Terminal for power supply and accessories  is placed on AHU body in regulation box.  Internal wiring of regulation is ready, all sensors are connected.



SMART units are equipped by complete VAV regulation including all necessary sensors. Using VAV control logic is ventilation system energy saving as never before but keeping full comfort.

All system configuration is performed via a user-friendly Web interface (standard IE browser on a PC), which makes installation and commissioning a piece of cake. Via a multi-level user interface, are set up various levels of access for user, installer and authorized service man. If PC is not connected in system all the AHU operation is performed via the unique “Push &Turn” dial on the remote controller which is part of delivery each unit.

Control system of SMART units can be connected to a variety of systems: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, internal Web server, BACNET and LON without any special accessories.

Nine comunication languages (including Russian) are available.


Output characteristic

For detailed infomation see technical catalogue.



For detailed infomation see technical catalogue.