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iFresh air handling unit

ifrash unit 

Let your window closed and breath healty!

Take iFresh in your house.

Basic features and advantages

  • fresh air for healthy respiration in building
  • clean air without dust and smell
  • no noise transmition from outdoor
  • controlled ventilation in any daily period
  • installation without any duct system



iFresh ventilation unit is suitable for “one room ventilation”. Unit is bringing fresh air from outside without any dust and smell. iFresh ventilation unit is suitable for ventilation in buildings where isn’t central ventilation system and ventilate by window opening is impossible because dust, smell, noise, insect…

In comparison with “window ventilation” you can ventilate if it rains, if nobody is home. Of course you can ventilate in winter because integrated heater.

If you don’t want ventilate you can easily close thermal insulated flap and protect ventilated room against any thermal loses.


Typical installation

iFresh ventilation is designed  for wall installation in living room, bed room or child room.  It is not recommended use it in bathroom or kitchen. Unit performance is designed for “one room” ventilation but you can easily calculate how much fresch air you need…

Example of ventilation calculation:

Flat size 78m2 and ceiling high 2,65m. Ocupation is 4 person. Recomended air change for flat(living house) is 0,5-1 times per hour  or 40m3/h/person:

Air volume in room: 78m2 x 2,65m = 206,7m3

Furniture space reduction: 206,7m3 x 0,8 = 165,4m3

Range of recomended air change based on room type: 165,4m3 x 0,5 = 82,7m3

165,4m3 x 1 = 165,4m3

Recomended air change based on ocupants: 4 person x 40m3/h = 160m3

Necesary air change per hour is aproximately 160m3. Based on this value we recomend use for vetilation two iFresh units.

Air handling units

Detailed description


iFresh unit body is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) which makes perfect thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Extruded polyprophylene  has next features:

  • high thermal resistence
  • absorbtion of vibration
  • hard flamble
  • plasticizers free
  • recyclable


Impeler blades are perfectly aerodynamicaly shaped due to is ventilation silent and maximum efficient. 3 speeds are designed for different situation in ventilated space:

  • speed 1 –„ night regime“ (40m3/h)  for low ocupation or night time. Unit is as silent as possible, energy consumption is minimal
  • speed 2 –„ day regime“ (80m3/h)  for normal ocupation and day time. Unit is not noisy and air performance is enough for healty breathing.
  • speed 3 –„ party regime“  (120m3/h) for high ocupation or high activity (exercising ). Unit brings maximum fresh air in room.

PTC Electric heater

Inteligent heater automaticaly increasing and decreasing power in dependance on fresh air temperature with focus on minimal energy consumption. Manually can be choice energy saving or comfortable performance.

Heater is designed for temperatures up to -30 deg.


Filter cartridge catch 90% of dust in atmospheric air which is enough for people with polen alegies and breathing ilneses. Extra advantage is active carbon which neutralizes common smells

Dust filter F7 class is efficient for elements ≥1μm:

  • polen
  • cement dust
  • bacteria
  • soot

Acticve carbon filter filtrate:

  • exhaust gas
  • industrial exhaust (SO2, Nox)
  • exhalation from organic compounds
  • styrene
  • acetates
  • benzene
  • diesel
  • acid gases
  • meat processing
  • formaldehyde
  • ammonia


Thermal insulated damper can protect room again not controled ventilation and thermal looses in time when iFresh unit is switched off.


Control of iFresh unit is realized by remote controller which allows control fan performance and heater output.

Regulation has of dirty filter indication and alarm of open cover which does not allow run the unit until cover is correctly closed.


Output characteristic

Basic parameters

Complete unit fan heater
Voltage Number of Speed Air volume Current Input Step Current Input
[V/Hz] phases   [m3/h] [mA] [W]   [A] [W]
230/50 1 1 40 95 22 1 up to 1,6 A* 368*
2 80 115 26 2 up to 3,5 A* 805*
3 120 160 37      

*Maximum vorking values measured by inlet air temperature -30°C. With rising temperature current and power are automaticaly decreased
Maximum peak (starting) values less than 10A



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