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Air handling units

iFresh air handling unit


iFresh ventilation unit is suitable for “one room ventilation”. Unit is bringing fresh air from outside without any dust and smell. iFresh ventilation unit is suitable for ventilation in buildings where isn’t central ventilation system and ventilate by window opening is impossible because dust, smell, noise, insect… more

SMART air handling units


SMART units are designed for easy installation and usage in commercial buildings, shops, offices, fitness, café, restauranst, living houses…  SMART units bring fresh air in building which is filtrate and heat up. Polluted air is extract outside of building. more

LS/LR air handling units

AIR_COM_3-4-bez.pngFrameless air conditioning units of the series LS/LR are modular units of the square and rectangular cross section. The units are designed for central distribution and air conditioning, i.e. filtering, war­ming, cooling, recuperation, humidification and dehumidification in factory premises, administrative buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, sports areas, restaurants, food businesses and other premises. more 

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